Moving from NetBeans IDE 8.2 to Apache NetBeans 11.1

Netbeans is an IDE that supports JAVA, PHP and other languages. Since July 2019 the incubating period is over with the version 11.1. This is a simple migration guide from the old stable version of 8.2.


Upgrade Netbeans 8.2 to Netbeans 11.1


First download the Apache Netbeans 11.1 from the official site (

Site thumbnail is little outdated (it comes out as version 10.0) makes sure you download the latest version (11.1 as of September 2019).

After downoloading the .exe file (Apache-NetBeans-11.1-bin-windows-x64.exe) for 64bit Windows, we can run the installation.

After completion of installing wizzard the Apache Netbeans is ready to use and once it is opened it asks if we want to import the setting of the old Netbeans version:

Eclipse Installation: import setting from previous version

Once it is open we can see all existing projects are there.