June 13, 2017

Amazon Web Services

LAMP Stack

Stack here means stack of technologies and LAMP stands for Linux (Operating System), Apache (handles the request), MySQL and PHP (sometimes Python or Perl) and it will be used for building dynamic web sites and web applications. For Server infrastructure AWS will be used.


EC2 Server

EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud  is the Amazon Web Service


AWS Instance

Instance in AWS is the virtual server that can be created b doing the following in the AWS console:

  1. Launch instance
  2. Create an Ubuntu Server
  3. Add Security Groups a) SSH and b) HTTP
  4. Add Key-Pair (already have one if it is second time)
  5. Connect with PUTTY with the IP of the virtual server using:
    • the username “ubuntu”
    • the converted (convert with puttygen to .ppk) key file .pem


Amazon S3

S3 stands for Simple Storage Service and is the cloud storage of Amazon


IAM role

Allows access to the S3 bucket from EC2 Server