Ntallas Michael


Some sample Web Pages, illustrating a small portion of my work

Well of Wealth

Well-of-Wealth brings together a wide range of experience in personal finances management


Website about Greek restaurant. The Web Site includes gallery, map and menu of the restaurant

One Page Template

One Page mobile friendly Template in Greek Language. My personal WebPage, including information about my work in Greece

Real Estate Template

Build a complete management system for real estate. Full features included. Images, videos, characteristics of a property, everything in one template! Fully responsible

Video Template

Simple Videos Template, simply uploading video from YouTube, Vimeo or Self Hosted videos

Codeigniter v3

HTML & CSS template using PHP framework CodeIgniter 3.1.0

Codeigniter v2

HTML & CSS template using PHP framework CodeIgniter 2.2.6

Code Samples

About Me

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I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (Athens University of Economics and Business, 2010) and I am currently studing for my Master Degree in Software Engineering (University of Hertfordshire, 2016).

From 2010 I worked as a Web Developer/Programmer to various companies. Also in that time I teach as a lecturer in Computer Science.

My aim is to evolve by learning new technologies and achieving high quality code by continuous development.

  • PHP
  • MySQL

    (including HTML5, CCS3)


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